Standard Components of a Luxury Mattress

There are a very large number of mattress types on the market today, and even luxury mattresses have lots of variations that make them unique.  However, most luxury mattresses contain certain characteristics that make them stand out over lesser quality ones.  Here I present a few common characteristics that you can expect to find in the best luxury mattresses.

Pillow top (Euro or non-Euro)

Consistently appearing in most luxury mattresses is some form of pillow top.   A pillow top adjusts to the pressure points of your body, which thus provides an enhanced level of comfort and a “floating-like” sleep experience.  The pillow top is also very effective in decreasing neck and back pain because it has an extra layer of cushioning that adjusts to the back, hips, and shoulders.  For these reasons, pillow tops have become associated with the finest luxury mattresses in the market.  The Euro pillow top is even more luxurious because it keeps its shape longer and provides an extra layer of comfort and support.

High coil count

While this isn’t always the case, luxury mattresses generally have a higher coil count.  Having a higher coil count doesn’t always necessarily mean a mattress is better than one with a lesser coil count, but more luxurious mattresses tend to have a higher coil count.  The coils usually contour and respond to your body shape and provide a tremendous amount of support and comfort that goes a long way in providing a great night’s sleep. There are some great mattresses that have a lower coil count, but they have other great components to them that make them so great.  In general, however, the higher the coil count, the better the mattress quality.

Edge and Base Support

The really great mattresses have ultra-premium support systems, both on the base and along the edge of the bed.  Certain great mattresses have a lumbar support system that is made from memory foam that provides additional stress relief and comfort.  The base of the mattress sometimes contains a steel coil support system.  This adds an extra level of durability of the mattress.  No matter what the exact components are, edge and base support of some kind show up in all of the best luxury mattresses.

Memory Foam Component

There are a lot of complaints about memory foam mattresses, but most luxury mattresses have some sort of memory foam component to them.  The memory foam helps the mattress contour to your body and relieve any pressure and tension on your back, neck, and shoulders.  It makes the mattress truly comfortable and if you are sleeping with a partner, if he/she rolls around in the bed, you won’t notice the difference with a memory foam mattress.  Lots of people complain that memory foam mattresses get overheated, sag, and can smell at times.  Luxury mattresses usually have a component of memory foam that is very breathable and doesn’t face any of the disadvantages of the standard memory foam mattress.

Great Return Policy

The best mattresses should have a great return policy associated with them.  If a luxury mattress didn’t have a great return policy, you would have to wonder how great the mattress actually is.  Companies should be confident in their product and show their confidence by providing a great return policy.


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