Saatva Mattresses

I’ve received a few comments about Saatva mattresses.  A lot of people wonder about these mattresses because the company doesn’t have any stores and you can’t really try out the mattresses before buying them.  While that sounds like something you should be a little concerned with, you shouldn’t be.  First, the company has the best and easiest return policy in the industry.  You can try out the mattress for 30 days and if you don’t like it, you can simply return it free of charge.  All you would be responsible for is the original shipping cost.  The company is well known for their customer service, so you can be very much rest assured that there is no risk at all in buying a mattress from them.

I bought my mattress from Saatva a few months ago.  I can say after a few months that the mattress has been really good.  The main thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore.  This helps me get a complete night of sleep and makes me feel very well rested when I wake up in the morning.  With that being said, it’s been a major benefit to my life to sleep so well.  You don’t really think about it very often, but a great mattress can really have an awesome effect on your life.  For that reason alone, I would recommend buying this mattress.  The company was great to deal with, but I’m sure you will read that from the various reviews you see across the Internet.  In my opinion, all those reviews are pretty accurate.  You can’t believe everything you read, but I can at least say my experience has been very positive.  It feels great to sleep on it and I sleep a lot better now.  What else could you ask for in a mattress?

Speaking of reviews, I read a few ones that helped push me over the edge to buy the mattress.  I will link to them below.  Happy hunting.

Pricegrabber probably has the highest number of Saatva Mattress Reviews.